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Saturn in Leo

Becoming Your Own Authority

Kelli Fox

For whatever reason, authority issues that developed when you were a young person have forced you to become your own inner authority -- or at least the drive will certainly be in that direction. The primal idea here is that you must develop a strong sense of self-responsibility and personal leadership. The ego must be subsumed for the greater good, and your initiative applied to projects that are bigger than yourself.

Your ego can take quite a bruising in this process. The challenge is let your ego be flexible and generous without becoming diminished or imbalanced. That's quite an order that will probably take you a few years to figure out! Fortunately, you won't be alone in your task since your peers are likely to have this placement, too. Your responsibilities may impinge on your desire for personal freedom, but as you mature you will realize that you have accomplished much more than you could have if you'd followed your own desires and ego. Your finest character traits -- loyalty, devotion, and steadfastness -- will grow as you do. You can mature into a fine adult who is a valued member of society and the community.

Saturn in Leo in the Solar Return Chart

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