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Saturn in Gemini


Kelli Fox

You take a serious approach to communicating and delivering information. You speak slowly and clearly, making sure that others understand your point. You may be shy about speaking in public, although with practice those butterflies in your stomach should decrease, because you are perfectly articulate, despite your fears to the contrary.

You value education. Digging deep is more your style than surface learning; you want to know your subject in extreme detail. Subjects such as mathematics, science, or classical languages may appeal to you. You learn best in some type of organized, systematic structure, one that is goal-oriented and that gives you a diploma or certificate when you've successfully accomplished it. You have a lot of mental discipline and prefer work that is cerebral and detail-oriented. Your reasoning is methodical, thorough, and generally bulletproof. You would make a fine teacher, if a strict one.

Saturn in Gemini in the Solar Return Chart

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