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Saturn in Cancer

Security Issues

Kelli Fox

You will go to great lengths and work very hard to ensure your security, both now and later in your life. You are very concerned with becoming old; making sure that you will be comfortable -- and solvent -- during your final years is a primary goal of your professional life. Although it seems as though you are very goal-oriented, in fact, you are fear-driven.

It is the specter of an impoverished old age that keeps you going so long and so hard. It's what makes you run. And it can drive you to achieve great accomplishments and work incredibly hard. Your inner sense of responsibility is difficult to squelch for very long, so even on weekends and vacations, you may have trouble breaking your involvement with work. Your family demands a lot from you. At times this is a source of steadiness; at other times, it's a great frustration and could even feel like a burden to you. However, your duty prevails, and it is extremely difficult to deny your family responsibilities. Concern with family matters, whether it is positive or negative, can easily become the guiding force in your life. Permitting yourself a break from time to time and staying relaxed will help you keep your perspective on things.

Saturn in Cancer in the Solar Return Chart

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