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Saturn in Aries

The Strict Father

Kelli Fox

There's something of the strict father within you, and perhaps you even had a very stern or demanding father or father-figure growing up. You have high expectations of others and even higher expectations of yourself. No matter how hard you work -- and you are no slouch!

-- you never quite feel that you've done well enough. One of your karmic lessons is to learn to acknowledge your accomplishments and stand tall with pride. When that happens, you can grab the reins of your life with disciplined force. The desire to achieve something is strong within you. Not only can you organize and get things started, you have the endurance and tenacity to sustain the effort for the long run. The key is the steady and effective application of energy, rather than surges of activity that can wear you out and, in the long run, lead to delays when you collapse from exhaustion. Instead, regular hours and a good to-do list keep you on task and moving forward. As long as you're making progress, you can go a little easier on yourself, and on others too. Good enough is good enough.

Saturn in Aries in the Solar Return Chart

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