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Saturn conjunct Uranus

The Old Meets the New

Kelli Fox

This is a rare aspect to have in your chart, because these two planets only come together every forty-five years. The last joining was in 1988. It represents the beginning point of an important cycle having to do with the old meeting the new -- established structures confronting the need for change.

In some way, this will be an important theme in your life and the way you live it. Situations and circumstances will force you to assess and accept what is valuable from the way you were raised, and yet you will be required to move forward into the unknown future. There can easily be a sense of frustration, a feeling of being caught between the past and the future. There can be a building up of internal tension that requires a sudden release. This will probably happen repeatedly in your life and may even be an M.O. for you. You may become particularly annoyed when you feel that your freedom is being restricted, especially if those limits come from authority figures for whom you have little patience, or from old, outdated rules and regulations. At your best, you are able to innovate creatively -- to keep what is valuable from the old system and enfold it into the new.

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