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Saturn conjunct Pluto

Controlled Power

Kelli Fox

You were born into global issues regarding power and the way it is used. Authority issues, father issues, even survival lessons are part and parcel of this weighty energy. The political and cultural climate at the time of your birth reflected these concerns, and they are also apparent in your personal life.

You are serious. Unless other factors indicate lightheartedness, you may lack levity in your life. Once you make up your mind that you are going to do something, there is not much that can stop you from achieving your goal. Despite many types of obstacles, you are able to overcome them in unwavering pursuit of your ambition. Through this process, you will earn strength of character, endurance and focus. You resent being told what to do; instead you prefer to become your own authority. Although you may not ask for it, you may be thrust into positions of authority as you mature. You are very concerned about security and will strive to provide for your future because you don't want to have to depend on others for your survival. Others must earn your trust. You are intense and stubborn. Avoid the habit of looking on the dark side of things, and develop the ability to see the lighter side. That will provide you with balance for this heavy energy.

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