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Saturn conjunct Neptune

Transcending Boundaries

Kelli Fox

This rare aspect represents the beginning point of an important global cycle, one that has to do with transcending boundaries and dissolving established structures and organizations. These themes, as well as being evident in politics and world events around the time you were born, will also be clearly felt in your personal life. This is not an easy combination of energies.

You may often find that your fondest dreams are defeated by practical concerns and limiting realities, revealing those dreams as the illusions they are. Sometimes you may suffer from creative blocks or inhibitions. At other times you may swim in the sea of depression. Any ailments you develop may be difficult to diagnose and therefore difficult to treat. You probably suffer from free-floating feelings of guilt. However, there is good to be had from this connection. You are concerned about how to integrate the spiritual life into mundane everyday reality. You are able to sacrifice a great deal in order to feed the spiritual side of yourself. This aspect is sometimes called the 'architect's aspect' because, in the best possible manifestation, you can work to make your dreams come true.

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