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Pluto square North Node

A Karmic Challenge

Kelli Fox

Your efforts to develop and use your personal power to the exclusion of all else will unfortunately keep you sidelined from your proper life path. You may have past-life issues surrounding being a VIP in a prior lifetime, and you still have residual expectations that others will treat you with the deference and even fear that you knew before. Well, that was then, and this is now.

When you're stuck in an unconscious desire for power over others and act on these hidden motivations, you won't be guided toward your most fulfilling destiny. You may also be overly concerned with your resources and their conservation. Since when will accumulating material wealth assist you on your life path? Adjust your values, please. Don't be so afraid of losing anything that you cling to everything. Relax, and release; for it is only in this state that you will find your karmic purpose and destiny.

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