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Pluto opposite North Node

Power Exchange

Kelli Fox

Power and the abuse of power were major themes in your past lives. These issues live on for you. There are times when darkness pervades your memories, terrible events that you can't quite recall.

And while you may have had past lives as a VIP, it's a sure bet that you were also on the other end of the power continuum, living lives of grinding poverty and little power. Well, that was then, and this is now. Seeking power over others in this lifetime is not the correct way. Doing so will lead you diametrically away from your true life calling and purpose. Remember also that a surplus of resources won't help either. You can never fill a spiritual vacuum with material possessions. There are better ways to feed your hunger. Focusing your attention on humility and simplicity are the best ways to find your karmic calling in this lifetime.

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