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Pluto in Virgo

A Meaningful Future

Kelli Fox

Pluto is the final generational planet. It spends so long in a sign that it affects everyone born within a sixteen-year period near the time of your birth. All by itself, it is not the most important feature of your chart, since such a huge number of people share this placement.

However, it does describe some general conditions that were activated at that period, and to a certain extent, you and those of your generation carry that energy forward with you as you mature and develop. Pluto is all about power, and the Pluto sign of anyone in power shows how they will wield this important responsibility. The Pluto-in-Virgo generation was born between 1957 and 1972, a period of great change and upheaval, so they have revolution in their blood. This is the group that will firmly take the reins of improving the environment and that has the guts to make the sacrifices necessary to rescue the planet. They are very serious and hardworking and are sure to make a big difference for the world once they ascend to power.

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