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Pluto conjunct North Node

A Person of Power

Kelli Fox

You are a person of power, whether or not you've realized it yet. Power is your destiny. The problem is, you may not be consciously aware of the power you wield, or of where it could lead you.

You're compelled by dark forces you barely understand. You realize on some level that in order to move along your life path toward your destiny, your power will have to be expressed in some way. You could do this on a personal level, but that may not be very satisfying for you. You've got bigger ideas. With your intuitive understanding of trends and patterns that affect current life as we know it, you could easily become involved in a project or ideal much larger than yourself; in fact, such an ideal could even consume your energy and take over your life! Be careful that you don't take on so much that you become overwhelmed. Focus on your self-development instead. Working on your own karmic issues actually releases collective karma too. You're that powerful.

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