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Neptune trine North Node

Seeking a Higher Authority

Kelli Fox

You answer to a higher authority. You are a seeker, one who strives to understand and follow a spiritual path. You realize that your life purpose is nothing less than total enlightenment.

Whenever possible, you incorporate your spiritual live into your mundane existence. You align the two worlds whenever possible. You look for opportunities to develop the invisible, unseen parts of your life: spirituality most of all, but also creative and artistic endeavors. You feel certain that by doing so, you'll be guided to make the right life choices that will move you along the path that the universe intends for you to take. And you're right! A healer at heart, you constantly attract those who sense your healing capacities. Fortunately you will have many chances to develop those areas, which not only give you a great deal of personal satisfaction but also burn off old, past-life karma and move you swiftly toward your karmic destiny.

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