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Neptune square North Node

Trying to Escape Destiny

Kelli Fox

Your tendencies to evade, escape or just plain space out inevitably divert you from your proper spiritual path, and the longer you indulge yourself in fantasy or addiction, the worse it will get. Although you may be in denial, there is some part of you that suffers great guilt and angst. At heart you are a spiritual seeker.

That which you're seeking is not be found inside a bottle, pipe or pill-jar, however -- or any other trapping of addiction. Of course, you know this in your heart already. If other parts of your chart show strong self-discipline, that can help enormously with this aspect. Otherwise you are very likely to delude yourself into thinking you've found your mission in life, when you haven't. All you're indulging in is fantasy. If you are dissatisfied with parts of your life, use that to fuel change instead of as a reason to escape. Productive change is the key to closing in on the perfect future you can now only imagine.

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