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Neptune opposite North Node

Past-Life Fantasy

Kelli Fox

Past lives as a spiritual initiate make you comfortable with a monk-like existence. You live a simple lifestyle and may refuse earthly pleasures. At the other end of the spectrum, you may also have had past lives filled with illusion and glamour, your fame (or infamy!) based more on rumor, innuendo and image than it was in reality.

In any event, the 'real you' was not available for the public eye, and this may carry over now, in your ability to disappear into a crowd or to have a chameleon-like appearance. The problem is, escaping into an image (or an addiction -- another distinct possibility with this aspect) will not move you along the path to your personal destiny. That way lies directly opposite. Despite your fears to the contrary, you must accept that the Universe is unfolding properly for you. Develop a strong spiritual practice; it doesn't have to be traditional, but don't let that become an escape, either.

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