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Neptune in Scorpio

Seeking Transcendence

Kelli Fox

Neptune is the second of the generational planets, spending fourteen years in each sign. Everyone born within that period will have Neptune in the same sign. By itself, this placement is not the most important factor in your chart; however, it symbolizes what was going on in the world at the time you were born, and this has left an imprint on you.

You and members of your generation are each imbued with this particular energy, and in some ways it characterizes everyone born during this time. Each individual will express it in their own way, some more strongly than others. With Neptune in Scorpio, there was a dramatic increase in spiritual practices that emphasized detachment and transcendence. Your generation wants to understand the mystery of life and the depth of the unseen. These years also saw a dramatic increase in escapism through sex and drugs. You and your peers have a subtle but strong and mystical connection to the nonphysical realms of existence.

Neptune in Scorpio in the Solar Return Chart

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