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Neptune conjunct North Node

A Mystical Destiny

Kelli Fox

You dream of an idyllic, Utopian future. In fact, you spend quite a bit of time lost in fantasy there -- a place where all are one, where compassion is the rule of the land and where everyone recognizes their connections. This idealistic vision will keep a Mona Lisa smile on your face no matter what your environment.

It provides a convenient place for escape from your workaday world. The funny thing is, the more you can do to make that dream a reality, the more progress you make on your life path and fulfilling your personal destiny. Building a strong spiritual life or studying metaphysics enables you to recognize the signposts of your karmic direction. Your dreams are very important. You are sensitive to images and should collect them, creating collages that represent your vision of your future. This intuitive, organic activity will reveal much about your mystical destiny.

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