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Mercury trine Uranus

Mental Pizzazz

Kelli Fox

Remember the old cartoon, where the character got a good idea and a light bulb suddenly lit up above his head? This is you. You're a never-ending stream of good ideas and your reach extends far beyond the mundane, everyday situations of life.

Your mind stretches into the future, imagining how much better the planet could be. What do we need to change today to improve conditions for the generations to come? This is one of your ultimate motivations, and an area where you most like to exercise your intelligence and intuitive abilities. The best thing about your mental processes is that you are able to think outside the box, coming up with clever and unorthodox ideas and solutions to problems both new and old. The novelty of your suggestions and originality of your concepts increases your value in your career. Your mind is constantly stimulated and you require a regular stream of information to keep yourself happy. Computer technology, programming and the sciences are all fields in which you find satisfaction and can contribute upgrades and innovations to what has come before. You've got mental pizzazz.

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