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Mercury trine Saturn

Careful Thinker

Kelli Fox

You're a paragon of virtue when it comes to your mental processes and work habits -- you're organized, efficient, and disciplined. From an early age you took to learning like a fish takes to water, and have always looked behind, underneath, and in between things to see how they're put together and how they operate. This skill for detail and discrimination gives you a natural ability for fields like mathematics, engineering, and construction.

You're able to manipulate tools and enjoy the process of actually building things as well as the planning stages. You'd make an excellent instructor or teacher, because you are able to organize your material and present it in a way that your students can grasp. Structured teaching environments are a good fit for you. You particularly enjoy learning about traditional or classical elements in your field, and have an affinity for learning about old things (archeology? classical literature?). You may actually teach the elderly, or have an older mentor yourself. The stability of your thought processes and the patient way in which you both learn and teach pave the way for great respect from others.

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