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Mercury trine Pluto

You Speak, They Listen

Kelli Fox

There are few things you like more than a good mystery or a complex subject to gnaw on and investigate. You're smart, with not only an intellectual intelligence but also an instinctive way of prioritizing details and putting everything into the proper perspective. You see like the eagle sees -- specific details from far away, and you don't care if it's not pretty.

In fact, you prefer that it's not. You see what no one else sees. This powerful vision and laser insight give you the edge in research projects and investigations. You're mentally resourceful, so people around you call on you for help with their problems. You always seem to know various ways to handle a situation. You express yourself clearly, articulately, and with great conviction and power. People believe you. The legal profession, politics, management, or anyplace where you can exercise your incredible mind will provide you with the most personal satisfaction. You've got a way with words, and the ability to explain things that are complex in simplified terms so more understanding is achieved. You speak your mind, and people listen. Use this gift wisely.

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