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Mercury trine Neptune

Open Mind

Kelli Fox

You're quite the dreamer. You spend many of your waking hours lost in fantasy. This does not prevent you from doing your job well or from focusing on the matter at hand, but understand that your brain is wired to connect to the invisible creative and spiritual realms.

You're hopelessly idealistic and functionally impractical, for although many of your ideas look good on paper they are improbable in reality. You're mesmerized by images and appreciate photography and cinema, industries where you could potentially find employment. You're intuitive and possibly psychic, perceptive of the unspoken currents in a situation. You have a natural sympathy for others, and can be quite moved through books, stories, and movies. You perceive the sublime nature of communication so you are naturally attuned to literature, art, and music. You're a good writer, given more to creative writing than technical manuals. Your mind is active but not well-directed; you are easily distracted and use the things you enjoy, such as music, to provide escape from the mundane world. Which is fine, in moderation. You're very good at free association and think in a web-like manner, weaving ideas together to create beautiful patterns.

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