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Mercury trine Jupiter

Mental Adventures

Kelli Fox

You must love maps. For one thing, they're such a delightful combination of detail and perspective, enabling you to see the small and the big at a single glance. For another thing, they permit you to plan your course: to see where you want to go, how far away it is, how long it will take you to get there.

Maps encourage you to see the relationships between various locations and places. They acquaint you with areas you're not familiar with, and you love learning about new things. They show you interesting places where you might like to visit, and open up your eyes and your mind to new experiences and yearnings. The future opens up on this piece of paper, as strange as it seems, and ignites your dreams about exciting new adventures. Even the names on maps are interesting to you. All this is a metaphor for your brain -- both its complexity and your intelligence that permits you to perceive and understand the world in all its depth. To top it all off, your sense of humor is completely intact. All this adds up to a person who is a joy to be around, who teaches yet listens, who understands yet encourages.

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