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Mercury square Uranus

Restless Mind

Kelli Fox

You've a restless mind that has a tendency to wander all over the place and which will require discipline (a quality you'll have to find elsewhere in your chart) to master. Your thought processes do not follow established paths. Instead, they follow strange, untraceable routes hither, thither, and yon.

This finds you in some pretty strange places, mentally. You say weird things that shock other people, and it's very difficult for them to understand where the heck you're coming from. You jump to conclusions but often they're the wrong ones, increasing your feeling of being misunderstood. Fortunately, this is not a curse for life. There's plenty you can do to learn to harness your incredible mental energy and turn these problems around. You do have a humorous streak so keeping things light and funny helps lessen other people's discomfort around you -- as long as the humor is appropriate! When you want to, you can easily be attentive to social cues, sensing when your commentary is becoming edgy. The secret is not to succumb too frequently to the willful urge to upset people. Focus on progressive innovations and humanitarian concerns.

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