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Mercury square Pluto

Suspicious Mind

Kelli Fox

If you let it, your mind can often turn to the dark side. Suspicious, cautious, secretive, and stubborn to a fault, you are all too sure that you know everything about everything. You haughtily put people in their place, correcting them on points large and small.

Don't make others feel stupid for not knowing something; ignorance is not a crime. You speak with authority and conviction...all the time. It's fine when it's appropriate but you can't keep the teacher or politician role going 24-7. So, Lesson No. 1: Get over yourself. Then it's time to tackle the problem of your reaction when someone challenges you. Instead of automatically lashing out and trying to put them in their place, you'll be in a much better position if you stop, listen, consider, and then respond. You may well end up putting them in their place, but at least you won't have alienated the entire crowd. You can become quite obsessive in your thinking, with a specific thought cycle going round and round in your head. Getting firm control of this problem will greatly develop your mental strength and discipline and help you get the most from your powerful mind.

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