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Mercury square Neptune

Getting the Story Straight

Kelli Fox

Sometimes it's hard for you to think straight. Your logic is fuzzy and your reasoning vague. You struggle to keep a mental grip on reality, which can seem so ephemeral.

You try your best but other people just don't seem to understand you, or be patient with you when you take a long time to make up your mind about something. You change your mind a lot, too. You're easily swayed by others' opinions so it's hard for you to take a firm stand on anything; you're just as likely to flip-flop your position as soon as you talk with someone else about it. Details are not your forte. You have a huge creative streak and a short attention span, so you are easily distracted from any kind of detailed work or work that requires long periods of concentration. You will feel better in jobs that require lots of separate tasks so you don't have to focus too long on one thing. With conscientious effort you can overcome any problems that bother you, such as remembering people's names, getting facts straight in a story, or misunderstanding what people say. This frees you to focus on developing your natural abilities for creative and spiritual expression, seeing the beauty in words and information, and speaking the language of the sublime.

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