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Mercury square Mars

Impassioned, Not Hotheaded

Kelli Fox

You're the type of person who may actually enjoy intense debates and regular arguments; they make you feel alive. When was the last time someone called you a hothead? Quick to anger and never hesitant to express your strong opinions, you can easily frighten others away with your extreme expression of anger and frustration.

There's no question that you do feel angry and frustrated. The question becomes, What are you going to do about it? As a child you no doubt had some difficult experiences as a result of your short fuse. Now that you're grown, this is an energy that will require your attention and discipline if you expect to have successful relationships in life. Your mind operates very quickly; use this to analyze situations instead of jumping to conclusions. You can speak quite passionately about things you believe in strongly; be sure to educate yourself about your subject instead of shooting from the hip and making it up as you go along. You'll be much more convincing if you speak from a well-informed platform instead of simply letting off steam. Join a debate team instead of arguing. A regular exercise program will also give you a crucial outlet for your nervous energy.

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