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Mercury square Jupiter

Swelled Head

Kelli Fox

No one can say that you don't know a lot. You do. But maybe not quite as much as you think you do!

Oh, yes, it's true, details are a bore. You can hardly be bothered with them. But as they say, the devil's in the details, and this is exactly where you can get derailed if you're not careful. Let's say you're in front of a group, spouting on about your latest discovery or opinion. Someone in the crowd may have a better grip on the evidence than you do, and won't hesitate to skewer you on the sharp thrust of their facts. That can be embarrassing, no? So kiss the overconfidence goodbye and learn to base your assertions on solid evidence. You can turn your problem into gold if you're smart enough to do it! You must also be careful about exaggeration. You tend to tell 'fish stories' (where the fish gets bigger with every telling!) in order to puff yourself up and impress people. It's very possible that you have a knack for learning different languages. There's no more wonderful way to connect with another person than in their native tongue. For best results, be humble, be teachable, and have fun!

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