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Mercury sextile Uranus

Speed of Thought

Kelli Fox

A quick thinker, you're superb at promptly identifying innovations and opportunities that facilitate learning, networking, and the lightning-fast transmission of information. Your mind works so fast that neither your hands nor your feet can keep up with it. You're a forward thinker who sees possibilities long before anyone else.

You like to tinker around and experiment with things. You get hints of ideas in an intuitive way, and then work with them until they play out. Flashes of inspiration provide you with visions but not plans; this is where your knack for understanding the intricacies of things comes in handy. Your most valuable learning is self-directed rather than in a rigid educational institution, but sciences, computers, and technology in general appeal to you so you may find yourself in a formal learning situation, at least for a while. When following your own learning path, one thing of interest naturally leads to another, and you will tend to have an eclectic but interlocking set of knowledge skills. Brainstorming is one of your strengths, increasing your value at work. Your solutions for logistical problems are unusual but workable.

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