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Mercury sextile Saturn

Serious Mind

Kelli Fox

Yours may not be the sharpest mind among your friends or colleagues, but the high quality of your mental output proves that your thorough study, serious consideration of the matter at hand, and ability to get the details right can beat the fastest thinker, hands down. You feel an inner need to be learned, educated, and informed. You respond best to structured, traditional learning methods, taking things one step at a time and mastering that step before moving on to the next one.

A course of study that results in a diploma or certificate is more useful to you than self-study. You want to understand how things work, so you're a natural mechanic, engineer, mathematician, chemist, or architect. You can work with your hands, too, producing useful, solution-oriented improvements where you live and work. Your attention to detail, discernment, and dedication to good work make you a valued member of any team. Once you've set yourself up on a project, you determinedly keep at it until you are finished. You deliver on time and under budget, and no one ever has to worry about the excellence of your work.

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