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Mercury sextile North Node

The Key to the Future

Kelli Fox

You like to think about where you'll be down the road of life, and are able to put it all into perspective with your view of the past. You intuitively understand the connection between the two, and the necessity of moving beyond one in order to achieve the other. This results in fairly good judgment, which produces positive results, reinforcing the wisdom of your plan.

It's important for you to keep your mental abilities in good shape by constantly using your brain. Take classes, write regularly, subscribe to periodicals that stretch your knowledge. Start a reading group and stay abreast of current affairs. Keeping your mind active is the best way to move toward your future and not become stale or stuck in any one place. Communicating your goals helps them to become real; you intuitively understand that everything exists in the mind before it comes into being in reality. This is the key to your future.

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