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Mercury sextile Neptune

Speaking in Tongues

Kelli Fox

You have a fortunate ability to be able to tap into your dreams and yet not be overwhelmed by them. There is so much information available in dreams, images, symbols, and mythology, and you are an expert at finding meanings and connections among them all. You perceive subtlety and enjoy simply observing it.

Highly imaginative and mentally creative, you have the ability to weave together stories, poems, myths, prayers, and all sorts of disparate ideas, creating work and art that are mystical and magical. Your best forms of communication are through creative images and creative writing. You are not to be taken literally, for you speak in metaphors. You embellish your retelling of events and make up tales; in fact, you'd make a fine storyteller. The sooner you realize that this is where your mental, logical, and intuitive strengths lie, the happier you'll be. Communication through normal channels is of course necessary but you perceive the possibilities of communication on a much deeper level, a soul connection that can only be established and maintained through subtle and creative means. These are the friendships that feed you most, and likewise for them.

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