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Mercury sextile Mars

Thinking on Your Feet

Kelli Fox

Your mind and your body work together well, bestowing you with plenty of energy, both physical and mental. You're light on your feet and charged with fidgety liveliness. You're high-spirited, feisty, and like to have fun.

Practical jokes or well-thought-out jests and humor come easily to you, for you're quick-witted and immediately see the humorous potential in a situation. Your jokes are pointed but funny. You also have a great ability for analysis. You perceive both the particle and the wave, and are not boxed in by preconceived notions. You certainly process information promptly and are quick to see various implications and permutations of what you learn. You're equally good at disseminating information and may often be nominated to teach when the circumstances require it. You're not afraid to speak out, and you passionately defend what you believe in. You may speak at a very rapid clip, especially when you get excited. Revealing your enthusiasm is good; words tumbling out of your mouth is not. You command attention, so speak slowly and keep breathing, and you'll retain your audience while you convince them of your position.

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