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Mercury sextile Jupiter

Gifts of the Mind

Kelli Fox

You're a lifelong learner with an insatiable curiosity for more and more information. This makes you an incredibly interesting person to talk to, because you seem to know something about everything! Not only that, but you connect things together in a new and interesting way.

You're great at identifying learning opportunities, and smart enough to know that you'll learn more if you shut up and listen. Generally, you will do well in any type of learning situation or educational facility, as long as you do not get bored. Be sure to take on subjects that challenge you to grow. In most cases, classes you take will be stepping stones to learning about other subjects. You like to be well-rounded in your thinking and generally have a broad perspective, inherently understanding relationships and how things fit together. You're always looking for the higher principle. You may well become a teacher yourself, because you are articulate and enjoy being around people younger than yourself who look up to you as a mentor. Using your mind and intellectual abilities is the best way for you expand yourself and experience the greatest personal growth.

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