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Mercury quincunx Neptune

An Award for Daydreaming

Kelli Fox

Let's face it: Mental focus and concentration are not your strongest points. If they gave awards for daydreaming, though, you'd be a real contender! You've got a huge creative imagination, which is a big plus if you're an artist.

If you're an accountant, though, it may not be so favorable. You tend to get so easily distracted and off-course that you make mistakes due to inattention. Your thought process is more circular and organic than systemic or structured. Because of this, you often doubt your own beliefs and ideas and you're not able to articulate a logical explanation for why you think the way you do. You're so suggestible that when someone offers an alternative way of thinking, you get right on board. Your belief structure is very fluid in this way, and it's no wonder that others complain that you don't know your own mind. You'd be best served by giving full voice to your creative urge, for the expression of it is sure to be beautiful, if undisciplined.

Mercury quincunx Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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