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Mercury quincunx Mars

A Mind Like a Sword

Kelli Fox

You have a mind like a sword: swift, sharp and piercing. The problem is, you don't hesitate to use it on other people, wreaking havoc with your painful but funny jokes and withering sarcasm. And it's through your words that you vent your anger and aggression.

You may antagonize or taunt others just to get a rise out of them and you often succeed. Only time will teach you how to speak directly without bulldozing over other people, and how to declare yourself but not be threatened when others disagree, which you tend to take as a personal attack. Verbal outbursts and mental stubbornness make discussion impossible; debates devolve into heated arguments. Often you'll say one thing but do another, zigging and zagging, this way and that. You have lots of nervous energy, which you tend to express mentally instead of physically; a good exercise program would help you forge a peace between your mind and your body. Once you resolve this, you can use your keen mind to defend ideas and forge new mental ground.

Mercury quincunx Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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