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Mercury opposite Uranus

Rebel, Rebel

Kelli Fox

Your thought processes are not quite stable and you often say things that surprise, or even shock, other people. Your conclusions are usually different from everyone else's, and you have a hard time explaining your logic, because in truth, it doesn't make much sense. Ideas and inspirations come to you in little bolts of lightning, at any time of the day or night.

You have plenty of mental energy, but it is erratic and restless, so it's difficult for you to complete a learning process or educational program. You are often willful, simply refusing to do reading or tasks that are necessary to learn a specific skill. You may take the role of the devil's advocate, adopting positions that you don't even agree with in order to spark or create an argument (which you call a 'discussion'). With practice and experience, you can learn to take a more centrist approach, enabling you to develop better, more well-rounded relationships with individuals who are not so extreme or radical. When this happens, not only will your mind calm down to a great degree -- without losing its edge -- but even your body will be calmer, with a noticeable diminishment of nervous energy.

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