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Mercury opposite Pluto

The Heart of the Matter

Kelli Fox

You have an amazing capacity to zero right in on the crucial facts of any situation, not distracted by superfluous details, and the further capacity to articulate what you see in a way that makes it clear to others. Your penetrating insight and straightforward talk can frighten and alienate some people, who might agree with you simply to avoid your negative attention or ire. They fold under the force of your beliefs.

Plus, they've seen what happens when anyone challenges you: a torrent of angry words if the circumstances permit, or simply a withering gaze. You must be extremely cautious not to become overzealous about matters that are important to you. Although it may not be easy to achieve, a balanced attitude is healthiest, and permits you to be open to new information and therefore avoid inflexibility and stubbornness. Also watch for obsessive or circular thinking. Yes, you can sit and brood for hours, but you've got the mental discipline to move beyond it. In partnership you must be very careful about communication. You may have motives that are hidden even to yourself, and you have the tendency to blame your partner for communication difficulties, when in fact the problems stem from you. Be honest and fair.

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