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Mercury opposite North Node

Dwelling in the Past

Kelli Fox

It's very difficult for you to wrench your mind from dwelling in the past. You view yourself as intelligent, and feel certain that you've spent many past lives as an intellectual or learned person, perhaps a teacher or writer. These skills therefore come naturally to you, because you've developed them so thoroughly in the past, and you continue to attach importance to them.

Unfortunately, such living in the past prevents you from finding your proper future. This is a sticky problem, because your life path lies in a nonlinear direction. Your logic and learning will not help you here. Your life path will primarily be laid out for you via your relationships, for it is through other people that you can explore the whole notion of moving forward without using your mind as a guide. Your inner direction must come from another source, and it is other people who will help you find it. These relationships will be uncomfortable at first, until you learn to trust the outcome of the forward-moving connections. The sooner you learn to go with the flow, the better it will be for you.

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