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Mercury opposite Neptune

Hard of Listening

Kelli Fox

You're absentminded and not infrequently confused. You struggle with communication. You often feel misunderstood but are more likely to blame the person you're talking to for not listening well than to blame yourself for miscommunication.

Even though you're sure that you are delivering information correctly, in fact you often leave out important details or crucial facts. When others are talking with you, you have a tendency to space out and not listen carefully, so you miss some important details yourself. You tend to remember faces but not names, and you're always forgetting birthdays. The most important thing is to take responsibility for your own communication problems and snafus. Blaming others doesn't help and only makes everyone feel bad. In relationships, you must be exceedingly careful to be very clear about your own feelings, and not to delude yourself into thinking that the other person is feeling something they don't. You can get your feelings quite hurt in this way. You must articulate your own beliefs and expectations, and then listen carefully to the other person without projecting what you want to hear onto them. Clarify, clarify, clarify. Only in this way will you avoid confusion and misunderstandings in your relationships.

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