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Mercury opposite Mars

Shoot Now, Ask Questions Later

Kelli Fox

You're hot under the collar and immediately put up your fists at any perceived slight. Quick to take offense, even where none was intended, you seem to move through life spoiling for a fight. You probably initiate arguments with people you don't even know, over matters that simply aren't that important (and, granted, some that are), but where this trouble really shows up is in your interpersonal relationships with those close to you.

It's very difficult for you to entertain someone else's position when it differs from your own. You're more likely to fly off the handle than to listen reasonably, which makes it very difficult to engage in a meaningful relationship, at least until you get over the tendency to bite off the heads of those who don't agree with you. One thing that can be said is that when your temper tantrum is over, it's over. You don't hold on to a lot of emotional baggage. Also, everyone knows exactly where you stand on any given subject. You are good at direct communication and saying what you mean. With a little practice at diplomacy and a few years of sensitivity training, there's no reason why you shouldn't develop into a fine, active communicator.

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