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Mercury opposite Jupiter

Petty Details or the Big Picture?

Kelli Fox

You like to feel educated and smart and informed, but you definitely have issues when it comes to understanding details and incorporating them into the bigger plan. The challenge for you is to avoid getting stuck in either one side of the equation or the other -- meaningless facts and figures, or dreaming up a major scheme without enough understanding of the smaller elements that would have to come together for your plan to work. How can you learn to walk the middle road, keeping details in perspective with the larger picture?

Finding this balance will help your mental outlook enormously. You might experience problems with communications in the realm of relationships. You tend to overstate your case and often misunderstand what your partner is telling you. You may blame them for all your communication problems when the situation should be laid squarely at your feet. Pay particular attention if you secretly feel that you know so much more than your partner. This is a sure sign of being judgmental, and may actually be a projection of your own feelings that you don't know enough. Instead, encourage a learning project that you can tackle together.

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