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Mercury in Taurus

Common Sense

Kelli Fox

You may not be the speediest thinker, but your mental processes are methodical and thorough, although they may be somewhat emotionally based. Good old-fashioned common sense is one of your gifts. You're great at figuring out practical, workable solutions to everyday problems, using materials and tools that you already have on hand -- which can lead to some rather unique repairs.

You enjoy learning what is of practical value and you may have little use for theory. You learn best in an organized, school-like environment. When it comes to reading, a good way of learning is to read aloud, utilizing your voice, which is a lovely one, by the way. Once you have made up your mind about something, it is very difficult to get you to change your opinion, even with plenty of evidence that your position is incorrect. You are mentally stubborn. You communicate slowly and carefully, perhaps inserting a few too many details, but you'd rather be thorough. Your responses can be delayed, which can be frustrating in the midst of wittier friends. Later, you think of all sorts of funny things you could have said, for all the good that does.

Mercury in Taurus in the Solar Return Chart

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