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Mercury in Scorpio

A Mind Like a Steel Trap

Kelli Fox

You've got a mind like a steel trap -- steady and strong. Once you latch on to an idea or a process it's hard for you to let go. Of course, this is great for research, investigation, and any type of detective work.

You'll follow clues that no one else even notices, hints that lead you to the bottom line and the ultimate truth. You can tease out facts and bits of information, intuitively grasping what's important and what's not. Like a laser, you concentrate on the crucial details and ignore the rest. There is, of course, a fine line between focus and obsession, a line that you're likely to cross from time to time. You are excellent at holding your cards; you don't let on that you've found something till you can claim it for your own. You'd rather not divulge the details or give previews of your projects: No, your method is to do all the work and then spring it on the world all at once. This way, you're sure, your work will be safe from the prying eyes and minds of others. You worry that your efforts could be stolen by someone else so you're careful to protect them. You take a rather skeptical view of the world -- some would even say cynical. Such a negative mindset prevents you from seeing what's actually in front of you.

Mercury in Scorpio in the Solar Return Chart

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