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Mercury in Sagittarius

An Expanding World View

Kelli Fox

You have an insatiably curious mind, one that wanders far and wide to get the input it needs to keep building your world view. Knowledge of any type appeals to you, particularly broad-based information that isn't loaded with facts and figures. You are more abstract in your thinking, and not very detail-oriented; in fact, you can easily get bogged down in too much minute information when what you really seek is the wide view.

You aim for breadth rather than depth, and often join together subjects and information that at first blush don't seem to belong together. But your instincts are often right in that regard, so you can become known for your innovative thinking and original theories. You have a universal outlook and an approach that doesn't exclude anything. Travel appeals to you and may even be part of your working experience. Learning foreign languages is an excellent activity for you as it keeps your mind limber and enables you to communicate with more people. Creative and other types of writing may also be an important outlet or activity for you. Your wonderful sense of humor can lighten up many a situation.

Mercury in Sagittarius in the Solar Return Chart

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