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Mercury in Pisces

Smoke Signals

Kelli Fox

You say one thing, but they hear something else. You're sure you're with the program, until you arrive at a meeting that started an hour ago. You didn't mean to overlook that crucial detail when you were giving your partner an important message; you just temporarily forgot about it.

In your life, these types of miscommunications never seem to end. If only you could express yourself with smoke signals, touch or telepathy, instead of words! Staying on track and getting to the point can both be a real problem for you, because you get distracted by details and derailed by auxiliary stories. Your logic doesn't follow the same path as it does for most others, so you can arrive at strikingly different places given the same information. You tend to see beyond the literal, read between the lines, and hear the unspoken story. Getting your thoughts and ideas organized enough to write a paper or article can be sheer torture for you. Typically you'll avoid or procrastinate from the odious task until it's almost too late, and then you may or may not pull it off. Mentally you're quite flexible, which is good because it means you're not stubborn, but this also means you can't always keep a grip on your opinions. They can change like the wind.

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