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Mercury in Libra

Decisions, Decisions

Kelli Fox

You are very fair-minded, and always strive to see both sides of any story. With your strong sense of justice and your ability to grasp and explain contradictory positions, you can make an excellent liaison or negotiator. You have an amazing capacity to bring people together.

You can find the few small points upon which they agree, and from this, you can build consensus and contracts. Your writing and communication style may be rather flowery, more inclined to descriptions than substance. With an attractive voice and a flair for pretty speech, you are often the toastmaster at parties and may frequently be invited to speak to groups of people. When it comes to declaring yourself on a specific side of any issue or problem, however, there could be trouble. You understand each faction's position and grasp the nuances of the debate. You can't, however, seem to stay on one side of the fence! Instead, you become a fence-sitter, or worse yet, a chronic mind-changer -- despite a well-developed sense of right and wrong. At least you can say that in the moment, you were sincere! You truly can't help but to change your mind frequently. It's just the way you're wired.

Mercury in Libra in the Solar Return Chart

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