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Mercury in Capricorn

Systematic Brain

Kelli Fox

Your thinking is methodical and you consider information in an organized and efficient manner, putting every bit in its proper place. You are only interested in learning something if it will have practical benefits for you. In fact, when you want to learn something, you are quite self-directed in your education, and you won't stop studying, practicing, and developing the necessary skills until you are satisfied that you've mastered it.

A systematic approach is best for you, both for learning processes and work tasks. You can achieve a lot by breaking it down into smaller parts. That's exactly how you achieve your goals, too: You define what you want, and design a step-by-step plan to get there. Your dedication and strong sense of responsibility will see you through. You have good business sense, and can be an excellent administrator. Since you use your mind so well, you're likely to keep mentally keen well into your mature years, and may challenge yourself to keep your mind well toned with activities such as reading, puzzles, games, and other mental exercises. Try not to act superior to people who aren't as smart as you are.

Mercury in Capricorn in the Solar Return Chart

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