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Mercury in Cancer

Thinking with Your Heart

Kelli Fox

Your thoughts and thinking processes are strongly influenced by your emotions and by the way you feel at a particular moment. When you think about things and make decisions, it's very important to you that the decision feel right 'in your gut.' In fact, the emotional content may be far more important to you than any reason or logic. When it comes to communication, you may not be very forthright.

You are a private person and often prefer to keep your thoughts to yourself, despite how strong those thoughts can be. This could potentially cause some problems in your interpersonal relationships, if you don't communicate your feelings and expectations clearly. You may even unconsciously expect your partner to understand what you're thinking and feeling, despite the fact that you haven't expressed yourself. This can lead to some whopping miscommunications and misunderstandings that are in reality quite needless. One of your biggest challenges will be to learn to express yourself in the moment so that you don't sit and stew in your emotions. On the plus side, you've got an excellent head for business and wonderful administrative abilities, which you can put to good use in your professional life.

Mercury in Cancer in the Solar Return Chart

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