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Mercury conjunct Venus

The Soul of a Poet

Kelli Fox

You certainly have a way with words! Your mind is wired to enable connection and diplomacy. Bringing people together is your specialty, whether through your velvet tongue or the poetry of your soul; you are able to help people see every side of a situation in language that is never threatening, yet still manages to express how each party sees things.

You are a natural negotiator, with an inborn and well-honed skill for stating issues diplomatically and a keen understanding for protocol and the correct manner in which to approach people. Your tendency is to view things in a very optimistic, idealistic way. You sincerely want the best for everyone. This natural warmth and goodwill go far in softening others' reactions to you, making you well-regarded and much beloved. These gifts predispose you to teaching, education, sales, diplomacy, or any type of profession that involves transmitting information in a sensitive way. In romance and friendship, you are easily able to express your warm feelings for others, and have a natural social sensibility for making people comfortable. Consequently, you are a person others call on a lot when they want to enliven a party list, or when they need a warm shoulder to lean on.

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