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Mercury conjunct Uranus

Thinking Outside the Box

Kelli Fox

You're one-of-a-kind. An original. Way ahead of the curve.

Someone who thinks not only outside the box, but outside the entire planet. In fact, your brain may spin so much, and so rapidly, that you have a very difficult time slowing it down long enough to produce a coherent thought (coherent to the rest of us mortals, anyway). Yours is an upbeat, excitable mind, given to flashes of insight and moments of extreme inspiration, envisioning things that are far beyond the current realm as we know it. You're a very fast thinker, understanding implications and possibilities long before anyone else manages to. You're frightfully free of the past, focusing solely on making the world a better place in the future. You go forward, not backward, and the idea that everyone should be free and independent is almost a political platform for you. By nature quite democratic, you always seek group consensus although in truth you prefer to work alone because no one else can keep up with you. At night you may have difficulty going to sleep, or may keep unusual hours, requiring less sleep than many others. It's a challenge to own a mind as active as yours, but the rewards are great.

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