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Mercury conjunct Saturn

Smarter than You Think

Kelli Fox

No matter how hard you try, you never feel quite adequate when it comes to expressing yourself, either verbally or through writing. The truth is that you are a lot better than you think you are! Your mental inhibitions exist mostly in your mind.

It's true that you may have been a little bit slow to talk when you were a youngster -- a phenomenon that indicates your self-consciousness about speech, even before you could speak! This seriousness regarding your mental condition can actually lead to great intellectual feats. You have incredible mental discipline and respond best to learning situations that are structured and hierarchical, and that lead to a diploma at the end of your studies. You are particularly interested in the mechanics of how things work, and have a fine mind for engineering, architecture, construction, mathematics, chemistry, or any subject that requires strict adherence to processes, guidelines, and structure. You may never be comfortable speaking in front of crowds and may get tongue-tied when trying to express anything other than intellectual material. Don't let limited thinking block your mental development.

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